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Republic of Kazakhstan,

postal index 141200, Pavlodar region,


Kunayev Avenue, 203.




8 (7187) 33-98-48, 33-98-49, 33-98-50.





Quality, Reliability, Openness and Service – here the basic principles by which our enterprise at interaction with partners and consumers is guided. The firm applies the individual approach based on features of its business to each client.

The system of quality indicators at the conclusion of contracts works, coordination of procedures of quality control on the basis of use of the equipment, providing additional data on quality control to clients, and also additional certificates or test reports of quality.

Stability of deliveries, predictability in pricing, punctuality when performing contractual obligations.

To the client all necessary data on the course of implementation of the order, the made shipments are provided, to a financial condition of the order.

Additional consultations on questions to the connected with the choice of brand of pipes, their chemical composition, a carving, etc., depending on use environment.

Granting technical specialists who can help with formation NKT colons, or lowering of upsetting pipes, to their correct screwing together or dismantling.

Rendering services in utilization of the fulfilled pipe production, partial exchange of the fulfilled pipe for new.


The Vtormet-Asia firm is organized in 2011, is the plenipotentiary of KSP Steel LLP on realization and occupies one of leading places in the market of ferrous metallurgy of Kazakhstan.

We are engaged in production and realization of high-quality metal rolling, in assortment of products – fittings, petrowire pipes, preparations nepreryvnolity and very valuable ferroalloy - ferrosilikoalyuminiya (FeSiAl).

We are always open for new offers and are ready to favorable cooperation for the long period.

Our credo - "Durability in every respect for all times!"

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Legal form of organizationТоварищество с ограниченной ответственностью


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